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"The best kept secret in the world of luxury"

The Jewellery Historian is a publication, founded in 2014 by Lucas Samaltanos-Ferrier, GIA Graduate Gemologist. With a passion for knowledge and critical inquiry, while searching new and innovative ways of delivering information that can resonate long after publication, combined to a uniquely powerful visual and textual storytelling, Lucas Samaltanos-Ferrier decided to launch the Jewellery Historian, a project to promote design and designers, the first free online magazine exclusively focused on jewellery & timepieces. He has been serving as the magazine's publisher, editor-in-chief and creative director ever since. In order to promote the more designers possible the publication depending the year is published four to eight times a year.


The Jewellery Historian as an international independently published magazine offers a unique perspective on the best new and established talent in the jewellery, timepieces and luxury goods business. While many others focus in copying our work, we focus in searching new exceptional jewellery for our readers. This is why the Jewellery Historian is a magazine for connoisseurs and people who love not only jewellery & timepieces, but mainly design and unique craftsmanship, and is today considered by many decision makers & connoisseurs as the "Best kept secret in the world of luxury". As a digital magazine & a limited edition book, the Jewellery Historian has definitely a uniquely powerful visual and textual storytelling, which combined to a minimal and clean design offers to readers from around the globe a unique reading experience.

An international audience

Our readers are high-end professionals, a connected community of decision makers, connoisseurs with enhanced refinement.  Our readership, has until now been accumulated only by word-of-mouth and in short time reached an important international audience in more than 80 countries worldwide thanks to the professional knowledge, the high quality content and exceptional aesthetics of our team. At the Jewellery Historian we focus on aesthetics and to the creativity of the designers we choose to showcase, by letting their creations to speak for themselves, rather that surrounding them with distractions and other imagery.

Our philosophy

The Jewellery Historian has a strong focus on design and craftsmanship,  thereby promoting artists who aren't necessarily part of the latest trend, but whose body of work shows an affinity for quality and taste over a longer period of time. The main goal of our publication is to be a celebration of innovation and creativity, a publication about the talented artists and about the people that create exceptional jewellery and unique timepieces. We showcase artists and brands whose work is exceptional and of the highest quality. With each issue we invite our readers to explore the stories of passionate people and the motivations behind their inspirational lifestyles.


Our main mission is to educate, inspire and to promote design & designers,  the expertise and vision of famous international maisons and talented young designers with the goal of raising the awareness of jewellery & watch design as a form of creative expression. After all, luxury is not an industry, but a global language.

Today the jewellery industry is as dynamic as it is fast growing. Consequential changes are under way, both in consumer behavior as well as in the industry itself. Jewellery players can’t simply do business as usual and expect to thrive; they must be alert and responsive to important trends and developments or else risk being left behind by more agile competitors.


In this competitive industry, every jewellery brand needs to strengthen and differentiate its brands through unique, distinctive designs. This is hard especially for young designers and brands that don't have the marketing muscle of others. At the Jewellery Historian we want to work with all brands, from the small artisan to the large jewellery group, because we believe that if we work united, we can raise awareness of jewellery design as a form of creative expression, which will benefit our "business community". We love to work together, support each other and make the jewellery industry a true global community.

As a magazine we a proud media partner of many events worldwide. For more information click here.

Our team

At the Jewellery Historian we are all volunteers. Our international core team is based between Italy, France, Switzerland, Greece, Finland, and Panama. We are a small team of passionate people. At the Jewellery Historian we know that passion is important, but we also know how important education is. While some people believe that they can declare themselves experts without a degree, we believe that it is impossible to be an expert on one's own. You need to complete a gemological training program and to fulfill requirements, to pass exams, to get a diploma in gemology. As you cannot become a great surgeon if you don't study and practice, we believe that you cannot become an expert in gemstones and jewellery without being a gemologist. This is why the core team of the Jewellery Historian has extensive knowledge in jewellery, backed up by studies at the internationally known Gemological Institute of America (GIA), while other members of our team have university degrees in different fields of study. We also have academic advisors, scholars in academia, that contribute with their extensive knowledge in many fields and support our team when needed, in order to offer to our readers true knowledge by real experts. 


Each issue comes together with the help of a talented group of creative people, all volunteers, graphic designers, photographers and writers who embrace all submissions we receive from precious & prestigious partners from all over the world. Their creativity, expertise, and enthusiasm are evident in each single issue of the Jewellery Historian. Meet some people of our team here. We haven't got an office and our team members all work semi-independently. We hope in the future to attire support from brands interested to support our project and initiative. 


The Jewellery Historian has definitely a uniquely powerful visual and textual storytelling, which combined to a minimal and clean design offers to readers from around the globe a unique reading experience. All amazing creations made by our precious and prestigious partners are wrapped up in beautiful words, illustration and photography, and collected into a beautifully designed print artifact.

Limited Edition Print

Digital editions are the future — but for many readers, nothing beats the romance of the fragrance, the look and the feel of a high-quality print. It’s unforgettable. To offer to our readers this ultimate reading experience, we have partnered with one of the most trustworthy platforms. With beautiful typography, each issue is a design object, which celebrates the pure pleasure of reading and the calming luxury of being offline. To preserve the ultimate luxury experience, only the current issue of the Jewellery Historian is available as a limited edition Print on demand (POD) soft cover book.

JH Travel

At the Jewellery Historian we know how important is to travel, discover new cultures and our world. After all travel is a requirement for a meaningful life. Luxury travel has evolved to encompass one-of-a-kind experiences and memorable escapes. Our periodical travel supplement, JH Travel, answers to the needs of our readers, who want to experience dedicated service, exceptional comfort and understated elegance in every stage of their journey.


At  JH Travel, we share with you our passion for luxury travel, advise you on the best places to stay in the world, inspire you to travel your dreams in style, and give you tips for luxury travel. World's finest luxury hotels and travel experiences – exclusive destinations, unique resorts, fine dinning and luxury spas for vacation or romantic getaways – our readers find everything they need in our travel supplement.


For each issue, we carefully select design-driven, service-focused luxury & hotels and resorts around the globe. We invite our readers to experience refinement and world-class personal services with the best airlines of the world, and we introduce them to exclusive luxury destinations worldwide. With JH Travel discover white sanded islets, transparent waters teeming with reef life and luxurious villas, cultural events, culinary and gastronomical musts and exceptional services that offer you pleasure, refinement and serenity. Travel your dreams in style & be inspired by JH travel.

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