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Learn more about our precious readers, the people that read our issues around the globe

The Jewellery Historian is a magazine for connoisseurs and people who love not only jewellery & timepieces, but also design and unique craftsmanship.

Considered by many decision makers & connoisseurs as the "Best kept secret in the world of luxury", the Jewellery Historian has definitely a uniquely powerful visual and textual storytelling, which combined to a minimal and clean design offers to readers from around the globe a unique reading experience.


Our readers are high-end professionals, a connected community of decision makers, connoisseurs with enhanced refinement.  Our readership, has until now been accumulated only by word-of-mouth and in short time reached an international audience due to the professional knowledge, the high quality content and exceptional aesthetics of our team. At the Jewellery Historian we focus on aesthetics and to the creativity of the designers, we choose to showcase, by letting their creations to speak for themselves, rather that surrounding them with distractions and other imagery. 


The Jewellery Historian offers one of the highest-quality content for free on the internet, while keeping access to our e-magazine & website free to all users worldwide.  We are passionate about what we do and we are doing our best to promote young designers and brands. We love to work together, support each other and make the jewellery industry a true global community. 


Our main mission is to educate, inspire and to promote jewellery & timepieces designers,  the expertise and vision of famous international maisons and talented young designers with the goal of raising the awareness of jewellery & watch design as a form of creative expression. After all, luxury is not an industry, but a language.

Our readers love jewellery and they know that we got plenty hidden in our issues. 


Our worldwide audience

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Last update : January 30, 2017

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