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The latest issue of the Jewellery Historian is available as a limited edition print

You can now buy a print copy of the latest issue, available as limited edition print.

Digital editions are the future — but for many readers, nothing beats the romance of the fragrance, the look and the feel of a high-quality print. It’s unforgettable.


Many of you have asked for the ability to buy a print copy of our magazine and so today we’re pleased to introduce Print on Demand services. To offer this service, we have partnered, with one of the leading companies. 


From now on, every current issue will be also available as a limited worldwide edition print, which you can buy online.


We decided to offer each printed issue as a limited edition of only few copies worldwide. Please note that currently no reservations can be made. We are trying to offer in the future subscription services of our limited editions to our readers. 


Of course, you can always also download your free digital copy for personal use. To download an issue, for personal non-commercial use, go here.


The printed edition is exactly identical to the digital edition. 


The new print-on-demand service is provided by a third part company. For further information, we would like to invite you to read the Terms and Conditions of our website.


The price may change from one issue to an other due to the number of pages. 


Please note that because this service is a Print-on-demand service, the Jewellery Historian cannot send free printed issues to partners.


For any problem related to your order of a printed copy, you are requested to contact directly the third-party website, since the Jewellery Historian is not responsible for orders, printing and/or delivery.  



You will be redirected  to an external third-part website. 

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