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Learn everything you need to know and how to submit samples to the Jewellery Historian
Our main mission is to educate, inspire and to promote jewellery & timepieces designers ; as well as fashion designers and accessories designers;  the expertise and vision of famous international maisons and talented young designers with the goal of raising the awareness of design as a form of creative expression. After all, luxury is not an industry, but a language.
Since our creation we decided to provide the highest-quality content for free on the internet, while keeping access to our e-magazine free to all users worldwide. One of our goals is to promote, inspire and educate. For this reason we look for designers, brands and artists whose work is exceptional and of the highest quality in all aspects.

We are happy to receive samples for review.If you send us samples we can not promise that we will write about it. But it is very likely that we will since we think it is only fair to anyone who makes the effort to share their products with us to tell them what we think.

If we choose to write an article about your products, we promise to write honestly about it.

Samples is a good way of discovering new products so don’t hesitate to send it to us.


And many books are worth making better known (we know how difficult it is to market books!) so we are happy to write about the good ones. We always review books and include articles about books we receive.

If you would like the Jewellery Historian editors to review your line of jewellery, timepieces, handbags, or clothing, please remember to also send a press kit by e-mail.



Due to the high volume of submissions, we are unable to provide specific feedback if you are not selected. We will review everything and if we are interested we will get back to you within two weeks of your submission.


Due to large ammount of work, we are sorry that we cannot send digital issues to brands featured.


Anyone interested to past issues of the Jewellery Historian, can download a free digital copy for personal & non commercial use of any copy.

When you are using an article from the JH related to your brand  in your website or social media you must always include also an intact photo of the cover.


Click for past issues and "How to download a past issue". 

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