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You want to join the family of the Jewellery Historian ? Find out how you can do this
Our main mission is to educate, inspire and to promote jewellery & timepieces designers ; as well as fashion designers and accessories designers;  the expertise and vision of famous international maisons and talented young designers with the goal of raising the awareness of design as a form of creative expression. After all, luxury is not an industry, but a language.
Since our creation we decided to provide the highest-quality content for free on the internet, while keeping access to our e-magazine free to all users worldwide. One of our goals is to promote, inspire and educate. For this reason we look for designers, brands and artists whose work is exceptional and of the highest quality in all aspects.

At the JEWELLERY HISTORIAN we look for jewellery designers ; as well as fashion designers, accessories designers, and all kind of designers ; brands and artists whose work is exceptional and of the highest quality. Our mission is to promote, inspire and educate, so we expect designers and brands whose work we feature to be generous with their knowledge.

The Jewellery Historian is entirely run by volunteers from all over the world. We haven't got an "office", and our team members all work semi-independently to advance each issue, under department editors and the editor-in-chief. Our core team hails from Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Greece, Finland, and Panama.

At the Jewellery Historian we encourage a culture of curiosity, passion, harmony, fun and honesty: Curiosity and passion for jewellery design, for fashion, for design in general.  


We place a daily emphasis on creating fun and honest interchanges with our readers, our business partners and amongst our staff.

We seek service-minded, talented, and innovative individuals who can help us continue to offer our high standard of quality service.


If you believe that by being a volunteer promoting design to readers worldwide and you find enjoyment in sharing your knowledge and your positive people skills with others in order to create a unique reading and quality experience for our readers, with the goal of raising awareness of jewellery design as a form of creative expression, while offering to readers worldwide access to free knowledge, we encourage you to contact us by e-mail.

Please note that at the Jewellery Historian, we are all volunteers, working in different countries around the globe. All positions are volunteer positions and no compensation is offered to any level.


Our volunteers are involved in diverse aspects of the magazine such as graphic design, articles, website any many more.




The Jewellery Historian is a proud supporter of equality and diversity.

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