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JH Travel

At the Jewellery Historian we know how important is to travel, discover new cultures and our world. After all travel is a requirement for a meaningful life. Luxury travel has evolved to encompass one-of-a-kind experiences and memorable escapes. Our periodical travel supplement, JH Travel, answers to the needs of our readers, who want to experience dedicated service, exceptional comfort and understated elegance in every stage of their journey.


At  JH Travel, we share with you our passion for luxury travel, advise you on the best places to stay in the world, inspire you to travel your dreams in style, and give you tips for luxury travel. World's finest luxury hotels and travel experiences – exclusive destinations, unique resorts, fine dinning and luxury spas for vacation or romantic getaways – our readers find everything they need in our travel supplement.


For each issue, we carefully select design-driven, service-focused luxury & hotels and resorts around the globe. We invite our readers to experience refinement and world-class personal services with the best airlines of the world, and we introduce them to exclusive luxury destinations worldwide. With JH Travel discover white sanded islets, transparent waters teeming with reef life and luxurious villas, cultural events, culinary and gastronomical musts and exceptional services that offer you pleasure, refinement and serenity. Travel your dreams in style & be inspired by JH travel.

Currently the JH Travel is available in digital format. All issues are available in the Past Issues page

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