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Learn everything you need to know and submit your work to the Jewellery Historian
Our main mission is to educate, inspire and to promote jewellery & timepieces designers ; as well as fashion designers and accessories designers;  the expertise and vision of famous international maisons and talented young designers with the goal of raising the awareness of design as a form of creative expression. After all, luxury is not an industry, but a language.
Since our creation we decided to provide the highest-quality content for free on the internet, while keeping access to our e-magazine free to all users worldwide. One of our goals is to promote, inspire and educate. For this reason we look for designers, brands and artists whose work is exceptional and of the highest quality in all aspects.

At the JEWELLERY HISTORIAN we look for jewellery designers ; as well as fashion designers, accessories designers, and all kind of designers ; brands and artists whose work is exceptional and of the highest quality. Our mission is to promote, inspire and educate, so we expect designers and brands whose work we feature to be generous with their knowledge.


We welcome you to submit any and all original designs, thoughts and concepts you'd like to share. Just keep in mind that we only write about jewellery made in gold, platinum or other precious metals but we never publish articles about costume jewellery.


You should be eager to describe and explain aspects of craft; you should be willing to take photos of a work in progress or document the process in some way.


If you would like to show us your creations to be considered for featuring in the website and our e-magazine, please follow these instructions. We accept submission ideas for a wide variety of topics. Please be sure to download the document below, which contain directions on how you can submit your material for review. 


Important notice for auctions & events 


Each issue of the Jewellery Historian is usually published the 15 every two months.  If you want your material to be considered for publication, please send it ASAP with the mention "Auction" or "Event". Please check dates to be sure that your event or auction is after our publication date and not before.




Due to the high volume of submissions, we are unable to provide specific feedback if you are not selected. We will review everything and if we are interested we will get back to you within two weeks of your submission.


Due to large ammount of work, we are sorry that we cannot send digital issues to brands featured.


Anyone interested to past issues of the Jewellery Historian, can download a free digital copy for personal & non commercial use of any copy.

When you are using an article from the JH related to your brand  in your website or social media you must always include also an intact photo of the cover.


Click for past issues and "How to download a past issue". 

Important documents

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