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Media Partner

The Jewellery Historian supports a wide range of events worldwide as a media partner.

By being a media partner, thousands of readers of the Jewellery Historian can be inspired and hundred of new projects created. As a magazine, one of our misions is to offer contextual information that is not only attractive but also inspiring.

We believe in mutual support, creative sharing. The Jewellery Historian is not only a magazine but also a way of approaching creativity with a collaborative perspective. By offering media partnership to events worldwide, we recognise how critical diversity, interconnection and exchange are to us all.

At the Jewellery Historian, we have an underlying belief in inclusion and diversity, which are fundamental to our culture and core values. We believe that no one should be discriminated against because of their differences, such as age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, religion or sexual orientation. We believe an inclusive culture is good for business, fostering the creativity and innovation. It is fundamental that all people that work with us, can feel comfortable, be themselves and, as a result, be productive.

Feel free to send us your request for media partnership and we will be very happy to discuss it with you.

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